Official Launch

The official launch of Doreen Brownstone: Still Working After 90 took place on January 5, 2015 at the Gas Station Theatre in Winnipeg.  Thanks to everyone who helped to make the evening a rousing success!

Here are some photos taken by Leif Norman:

20150105-IMG_3004 20150105-IMG_3005 20150105-IMG_3011 20150105-IMG_3013 20150105-IMG_3014 20150105-IMG_3017 20150105-IMG_3022 20150105-IMG_3023 20150105-IMG_3026 20150105-IMG_3029 20150105-IMG_3035 20150105-IMG_3046 20150105-IMG_3057 20150105-IMG_3060 20150105-IMG_3062 20150105-IMG_3067 20150105-IMG_3069 20150105-IMG_3074 20150105-IMG_3077 20150105-IMG_3081 20150105-IMG_3088 20150105-IMG_3093

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